Living With Intention

“The purpose of life is not only to be happy… It is to matter, to be productive, to make some differences.”

Recognizing that we are part of a bigger whole (or something greater ) is very challenging to most of us because we get so caught up in our own “busy”  lives. What if we were each to live with a little more intention every day? Being aware of how our actions affect ourselves and others around us will undoubtedly lead to a more fulfilling lifetime, stronger connections and bring us closer to happiness.

In my recent trip to Nicaragua with a program called Lacrosse the Nations, I realized how important it is for people who have the ability to give their time, love and money to those who are less fortunate. One thought that kept going through my head was “how crazy is it that our value of life for at least our childhood is determined by factors such as; where we are born, what social class our parents are in, what time period in history we are born in and what the current economical factors are in our country of birth.”

We do not specifically need to travel to another country to come to these realizations. There are many people in need in our local areas. Finding one day a month (or more) to do something for another person (or animal!) should not be even questionable. Simple because…. while you are helping others you will find the work you do is highly rewarding thus you are also helping yourself become a better person.

Find one cause that touches your heart and contribute to a greater whole.

Be productive, make a difference in your life and in others. Live with intention.


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