Embrace Your Sweet Tooth

Humans are naturally inclined to favor sweet flavors. What we do not naturally crave is artificial sweeteners. Now more than ever, people are strongly addicted to the artificial sweet flavors and much higher levels of sweetness than the body needs. Sugar brakes down to carbohydrates which converts to energy in the body. We really do need carbohydrates in our diet but we have to make sure we are consuming the type of carbohydrates that are going to give us energy rather than sucking energy out of us.

In order to curb the addiction to artificial sugars and higher levels of sugar intake, I highly recommend buying the “unsweetened” version of packaged food products and sweeten them yourself. This way you can control the quality and quantity of the sweetener you are adding.

Some foods that you would look for the “unsweetened” version of are:

  • Yogurt (no flavor, no added sweetener, add your own fruit and natural sugar)
  • Oatmeal
  • Almond milk
  • Morning coffee (try going for plain instead of flavored and add your own sweetener)

Refer to Natural Sweeteners to find out which sugars are healthy alternatives to add.

No need to deny that sweet tooth. It’s all about being in control of your sweet tooth rather than it being in control of you.


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