Where is Your Head At?

One of the ultimate paradigms in life is spirituality vs. materialism. The more time we spend caring about how we look the less time we spend on developing the essence of who we are. There is of course, as with everything else in life, a balance. It is not about going to the extremes.

It is not to say that we should not care about how we present ourselves. But if we care too much about what other people think, we lose a sense of ourselves. On the contrary, if we work on beauty on the inside it will shine through.

What type of person would you like to be? What is your purpose in this lifetime? What is one change that you can make today that would get you closer to that person that you want to be?

I can bet you that it is not an extra coat or an extra coat of mascara 😉 I think we all need a little reminder sometimes.


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