6 Ways to Stay Motivated to Exercise

This morning I woke up at the same time that I usually do- 6:30am. The problem was, it was much darker than yesterday. OH NO!

It’s that time of year again, when the days get shorter; its darker in the morning AND in the early evenings. These elements make it a lot more challenging to stick with a workout plan. Oh, and not to mention the fact that we can hide behind our sweaters/ jackets if we do happen to gain a little bit of weight.

The truth is that when we start to skip our workouts, we have less energy, more stress, and it is easier to put on weight.

Here are 6 ways to stay motivated during the fall and winter season:


1. Find a workout partner- working out with a friend helps to hold you accountable for showing up and for working hard. Ask a friend to join you for your workouts, it’s way more fun than working out alone.

2. Write a workout schedule- being prepared ahead of time is crucial when it comes to health. Planning a workout schedule will help with the consistency of your workouts. You also won’t have time to make excuses while deciding what workout to do.

3. Try a new workout class- find a workout class that is challenging yet enjoyable. Going to a workout class second best to having a personal trainer, however we usually get a better workout in during a class than we would on our own. For example, I usually wouldn’t ride on the spin bike for an hour, and definitely wouldn’t sprint or pretend that I am biking up hills if I wasn’t being pushed by the instructor.

4. Set some goals- Your goals should be quantifiable. They should also be challenging yet realistic.

Example of effective goals:

  • To run for 45 minutes by the end of October.
  • To workout 5 days a week until the end of November.

Once you have set your goals, write out some action steps (your “game plan”) of how you plan to achieve those goals.

5. Variety- Doing the same workout everyday can be monotonous and boring. Your body also gets bored when you don’t challenge your muscles. If you want to see results, it is important to switch up your workouts.

6. Set Up Your Workout Clothes– Before you go to bed, take out your workout clothes. The less time you have in the morning to make excuses, the better. Plus, this act of preparation will increase your commitment to your workout the next day.


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