Your Best Options for In-home Water Filtration

The adult body is made up of at least 60% water. Good quality water is vital of optimal health. I suggest installing a good quality water filter in your home. By doing so, you will save at least $5000 in the next 5 years. And, you will dramatically improve the quality of your drinking water.


There are several water filtration systems that you can install in your house. Some people have a full-house water filtration system and some choose to install the filter just in their kitchen. The best water filtration systems are:

  • Reverse Osmosis- filters out fouride, bacteria, parasites, pesticides, heavy metals and basic minerals from the water. If you choose to use a reverse osmosis filter, most of them contain a carbon block which will also remove solvents from your water. You MUST add back “trace minerals” to your drinking water if you use reverse osmosis filters. They can be found at your local health food store.
  • Solid Carbon filters out chlorine, parasites, pesticides and solvents. A carbon filter is less expensive than reverse osmosis and as you can see, it still does a good job at eliminating the top contaminants. Carbon filters must be replaced annually (sometimes more regularly, depending on how much water you use). It is a great second option to reverse osmosis.

A lot of people will order the bigger gallon jugs of water from spark lets or arrowhead. The truth is that those companies do not filter their water efficiently. The water bottling industry is all about making money, not about consumer health.

Another option that people tend to lean towards is a Brita filter. While a Brita filter is cheap and convenient, it does not a good quality water filter. I would suggest an in-home water filtration system, as mentioned above.

Contact a local water filtration company to ask about a monthly plan. I pay $27 per month which included installation, services and maintenance. You also have the option to purchase the unit online and have someone install it.

If you live in San Diego, a great company to call is:

I LOVE the taste of my filtered water. Trust me, you will notice the difference too.


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