Hello, I’m Amy. Welcome, and thanks for stopping by.

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Nourished Balance is a way for me to share my passion for health and wellness with my clients and readers. I received my Natural Chef certification at Bauman College and my Holistic Health Coaching certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I currently consult with clients and teach healthy cooking classes in San Diego.

My Story

As a child, I did not eat a particularly healthy diet however, I was fortunate enough to have home cooked meals 80-90% of the time. It was not until college– when I stood in the grocery store by myself for the first time, feeling lost and confused– that I began to realize that I had no idea how to feed myself. Some thoughts that went through my mind were: “How do I know what to choose? “There are too many options.” “Which foods are actually healthy ?” and “Even if I know what to buy at the store, how am I supposed to prepare it?

As I began to experiment with cooking for myself, I found a passion that meant a lot more than just  something I loved. Cooking is the link between where we get our food and how it gets on our plate. After college, I discovered that cooking was a way that I could educate people about health, wellness and sustainability.

My personal health journey has led me to a career that I am extremely passionate about. During college, I experienced digestive complications for around 4 years. Even though I thought what I was eating was healthy, I began to understand that it was not healthy for my body. The whole time, my stomach was giving me warning signals that there was something wrong. It took me 4 years to finally look for alternative options to over the counter and prescription pain relievers. I finally decided to explore the root cause of the problem instead of taking medicine to cover up the symptoms.

My Philosophy

Eat Whole Foods. Food that comes from nature, not from a machine. Food that is fresh with no additives, preservatives or pesticides.

Eat S.O.U.L Foods:

  •  Seasonal: foods that are in season have a higher nutritional benefit and they taste better.
  •  Organic: certified organic foods are not sprayed with pesticides or fertilizer. If you cannot afford all organic foods, check out the Dirty Dozen list to see which foods are generally at higher risk.
  •  Unrefined: refined foods include white sugar, white flour, cereals etc. During the production process, these foods are stripped of essential vitamins and minerals, leaving you with a food that provides little to no nutritional benefit.
  •  Local: foods that travel far to get to your grocery store have less nutrients because they were picked days in advance. Trucking food long distances is not a sustainable option because it requires a lot of oil and produces air pollutants. It is also nice to support local farmers who work hard to provide food to their communities.

My philosophy is that everyone is bio-individual. We each have our own set of genetic codes, personalities, food preferences, food allergies/sensitivities and lifestyle requirements. Along with food, there are other elements that nourish us including: relationships, career, fitness and spirituality. When you have found the perfect balance of these elements you will have reached your optimal health.

So how does one reach their Nourished Balance?

It takes a combination of education, experimentation and support. Throughout different stages of your life, the elements in your life will shift but you will be prepared to adjust to your new health demands when they come your way.

I look forward to serving as a support system on your health journey. Once again, thank you for reading! You can find out more about my services on my website www.nourishedbalance.com.

In good health,



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