Summer Fruits – Affect on Blood Sugar and Weight Loss

Going into summer, we are surrounded by a lot of amazing, fresh, and flavorful fruit. It is good to know that  some fruits have a larger impact on your blood sugar than others.

Fruits in general have a high mineral content, thus they are important to incorporate into the diet.


The glycemic index is a scale that measures how fast sugar for various foods releases into the blood stream. Foods that are high on the glycemic index scale will give us a quick release of energy but they will be followed by a crash in blood sugar. Whereas, foods that are lower on the glycemic index scale will have a less dramatic affect on blood sugar. We want to limit foods in our diet that are rated higher on the glycemic index.

  • High= 71-100.
  • Medium = 50-70.
  • Low = < 50

Fruits that are low on the glycemic index scale

  • Apples – 39
  • Berries- low to mid 20s
  • Cherries- 22
  • Grapefruit – 25
  • Figs- 35
  • Oranges- 40
  • Peach- 42
  • Pears- 38

Fruits that are medium-high on the glycemic index scale

  • Mangos- 55
  • Pineapples- 66
  • Kiwi- 52
  • Bananas- 55 (high on glycemic index but a good energy source- better than tropical fruits
  • Cantaloupe Melon- 65
  • Watermelon- 72

It is interesting to compare natural sugars to processed sugars on the glycemic index scale. Remember that fruits, vegetables and whole grains are much better options than processed carbohydrates. Don’t be scared of fruit! Eat it in moderation.

You can search for the Glycemic index of other carbohydrates on the Harvard Health Publications website.

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Yogurt Parfait a Perfect Snack

Looking for a new healthy snack? This may just turn out to be your new energy booster.


The most important part about choosing a snack is to make sure that it is going to provide you with energy. Snacks should be made up of whole foods rather than packaged foods. A yogurt parfait is a great grab-and-go snack. It is balanced and low in sugar. Even better, this one is safe for people with gluten sensitivities. Your kids will love this snack!

Let’s talk ingredients. Yogurt can be very deceiving. There are so many options to choose from yet most of them are loaded with artificial sugars. When you look at the nutrition labels most yogurts have 12-23 grams of sugar in 1 serving alone. You can do better than that! Go ahead and buy a plain greek yogurt which has much less sugar. It is also much higher in protein than regular yogurt. Don’t be scared of the fat content. Go for full fat or 2% fat. If you believed that eating fat will make you fat, it would be in your best interest to do a little research. In fact, a low-fat diet can actually make you gain weight! 

If dairy bothers your stomach, try “goat-milk” yogurt instead. It may be easier to digest.

Rather than buying yogurt with fruit already mixed in it, buy a plain yogurt and add your own fresh fruit. Berries are very low on the glycemic index. They are a great choice for a natural sweetener.


  1. Place 1/2 cup of greek yogurt into a mason jar or container.
  2. Add a handful of nuts or homemade granola for some crunch.
  3. Add 1 Tablespoon ground flaxseed for some fiber.
  4. You have just made yourself a delicious and nutrient dense snack in less than 5 minutes.

Now it is ready to grab-and-go.